Police call for better decisions

Alcohol is often to blame for increased crime on weekend nights in Gore compared with weeknights..

During the two years to August, there were about 1400 crimes committed in the district between 9pm and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, compared with 306 crimes over the same time on Mondays.

The figures have prompted Gore Police Station’s Sergeant Eric Browne to call for people to make better choices, particularly about alcohol consumption.

‘‘There can be a wide ripple effect through the community if someone decides to make a bad choice or is affected through no fault of their own,’’ Sgt Browne said.

The figures come from publicly available police data on recorded crime.

Recorded crimes are incidents reported to, or detected by, police where an offence is likely to have been committed.

The data reveals the most commonly recorded category for crime during the two years was ‘‘crime and crash demand’’.

This category includes vehicle collisions, domestic disputes, traffic incidents and noise control.

Sgt Browne was not surprised by that finding.

‘‘We get a high level of calls to deal with car crashes and domestic disputes.’’

Between 6pm and 3am on Monday and Tuesday nights during the two years to August, 2027 crimes were recorded in Gore.

During the same time period on Friday and Saturday nights 5261 crimes were recorded, a 159.5% increase.

As a result, more police staff had to be rostered on for Friday afternoon, Sgt Browne said.

‘‘That’s when everyone’s finishing work or they’ve had a few beers . . .and then deciding to drive home.’’

It was likely alcohol influenced the number of incidents during that time, he said.

‘‘There’s a big onus on people to make sure they are not drink-driving and they are driving safe.’’

The other most frequently recorded categories between Friday and Saturday were social/ services activities (2394) and investigation and forensic activities (3364).

Social/services activities include civil disputes, firearms licensing and family harm investigation.

Investigation and forensic activity includes relations advising, asset recovery and executing search warrants.

Information in graphic based on data available on October 20