Pool, rink out for six weeks

Clean up coming . . . Gore District Council aquatics services manager Martin Mackereth and his staff are getting ready to give the pool and ice rink a tidy up when the area is closed for six weeks. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The Gore Aquatic Centre and ice rink will close for six weeks for ‘‘a spring clean’’.

The facilities will be closed from Monday until October 17.

Aquatic services manager Martin Mackereth said two major maintenance jobs were some of the work which would be done during the shutdown.

‘‘I like to call it a spring clean rather than a maintenance period because we are hoping to have the place spruced up a little bit.’’

The main power board would be replaced and the ventilation system upgraded.

‘‘We’ve got two major projects running in tandem so we have the least amount of impact on the patrons.’’

Replacing the ventilation system was the last work to be done using the Government’s $1 million shovel-ready grant the council received in 2020 for remedial work which included a new roof for the Gore Multisport Complex.

The last major shutdown was in 2014.

‘‘We’re in an environment that is hard on equipment and it’s inevitable you have to have major shutdowns.’’

It was the best time of the year to do the work.

‘‘It’s in between the swimming and ice hockey competitions,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s also our quiet time with lambing and calving.’’

Already he had heard of people who would car-pool to Invercargill to swim at Splash Palace.

‘‘It’s creating a bit more of a pool community where people are communicating with each other,’’ he said.

The stadium would still be available to use.