East Gore School took a step back in time on Friday when automobiles from over the years turned the school courtyards into a parking lot.

The primary school pupils have spent the term learning about planes, trains and automobiles.

Their studies culminated on Friday with the pupils being given the chance to ask questions, investigate and sit inside 15 different cars that were brought along to the school by members of the community.

East Gore School principal Wendy Kitto helped organise the display to give the pupils a hands-on learning experience.

‘‘We thought the best way to learn is to have cars of all ages here that the kids can look at, touch and ask the owners questions,’’ Mrs Kitto said.

‘‘You can talk about an old car or an old truck, but actually being able to see it and compare it to something that is newer is the best way to learn and make comparisons.’’

The pupils were tasked with putting what they had learned into practice once the automobiles left.

‘‘They will start doing some charts about then and now, making those comparisons and making a poster, probably write about them and do some art around them.

‘‘The kids had a great time. I think there will be lots of chatter about this for days to come.’’

Teacher Hannah Coyle and her pupils had been learning about how automobiles had changed over the years.

‘‘It’s been very exciting. The kids are full of beans and full of questions,’’ Ms Coyle said.

‘‘It is nice for them to be able to see old and new in the same place.’’

Pupil Harlee Moffatt (9) had a fun time learning about old cars.

‘‘You want to learn about how people went to places back in the olden days,’’ Harlee said.

‘‘I learnt that some old cars have different lights and they all are different shapes and sizes.’’

Citroen 2CV owner Cheryl Marshall hoped the pupils learned how cars had ‘‘evolved’’ over time.

‘‘They’re going to have to learn whether the engines were in the front or in the back, where the gear leavers are, how the blinkers work,’’ Mrs Marshall said.

The Citroen 2CV, first produced in 1948, was one of the oldest cars on display.