Replacing water main next on list

Replacing the Carteret St water main is the next item on Three Waters manager Matt Bayliss’s list of jobs to do in Mataura.

During the discussion of his report about the Mataura water treatment plant upgrade at the Mataura Community Board meeting last week, Mr Bayliss said the water main ‘‘fails reasonably regularly’’.

‘‘It’s been in the plans to replace that water main for a wee while.’’

The project would be put out to tender soon.

‘‘Hopefully we will get a contractor engaged late this year.’’

Board member Steve Dixon asked if the main had been extended as more houses were built on the street.

Mr Bayliss replied the first 150m of the pipe had been replaced but the cause of the failure was the ‘‘majority of it is an old AC [asbestos cement] main’’.

Meanwhile the water plant upgrade was just about finished.

Filtec Ltd, the contractor completing the work, was in the process of refurbishing the second filter, commissioning the new chemical dosing equipment and finishing upgrades to the pipework for the main treated water reservoirs, his report said.

It is expected the work will be completed by the end of this month.

‘‘This will only leave minor tidy up and commission works to be completed before Filtec disestablish from site.’’

Once Filtec has left the site, contractors will be engaged to complete other tasks not included in the main contract such as handrail improvements, improvements to vehicle access, site fencing and landscaping.

There is $195,000 left in the budget for the project.

Mr Dixon asked what the money would be used for.

Mr Bayliss said he expected some money would be left over after the final tidying up work was done.

‘‘If it doesn’t get spent then the council can consider what that money gets spent on through the next longterm plan.’’

Mataura ward councillor Neville Phillips said he commended the council staff on how the project had progressed with minimal disruption to the community and under budget.

‘‘It was a really good effort.’’

Board members will visit the treatment plant when all the work is complete.