On the move . . . Gore Police sergeant Gary Iddenten (left) and acting senior sergeant Jason Leadley are planning the details of moving the station from its present location on the corner of Hokonui Dr and Main St to the former St John’s building on Main St at the end of the month. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The Gore police station is on the move.

Acting Senior Sergeant Jason Leadley said police headquarters in Gore would temporarily shift to the former St John’s building in Main St.

‘‘This station is getting refitted out and as part of that work they’ve got to do earthquake strengthening on the building, which means we have to vacate the building until that work is done.’’

Eighteen police officers are stationed in Gore.

The move was expected to take place at the end of February and the work would take about six months, he said.

The telephone at the front of the present building would still be operational.

Residents would notice no difference to the emergency services provided by police, though

it might take several days after the shift for nonessential services to be up and running, he said.

A police media spokesperson said the work included a locker room upgrade to provide space for more staff members, a new tactical store room, modernisation of the upper floor and improved seismic performance of the building.

‘‘Over the years there have been several additions and alterations to the original building footprint.

‘‘The strengthening work planned better ties these additions together and strengthens some vulnerable building elements to ensure the building remains functional after a seismic event.’’

The spokesperson declined to say how much the upgrade would cost.

Police were regularly upgrading their existing property portfolio and this work was part of the programme, they said.