Three scooter enthusiasts at West Gore School have a plan to make their sport more challenging.

Pupils Coby Swain and RJ and Ashton Beale are organising the building of two new obstacles in the school’s playground.

Coby said the pupils only had two small ramps.

The boys thought if they had bigger ramps, scootering would be more fun.

‘‘We want people to learn new tricks and we are making big enough [ramps] so we can challenge ourselves.’’

They spoke to their teacher Rebekah Prattley, who helped them get the project under way.

The plan was to build a 6m long box and a quarter pipe.

The pupils wrote letters to Gore builders and asked them to help with the project.

A build-a-thon will be held next Friday.

Scooter boys. . . West Gore School pupils (from left) Coby Swain, RJ Beale and Ashton Beale, all 10, are looking forward to the build-a-thon they are organising next week to build new scooter obstacles in the playground. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Members of the public can sponsor a builder’s time or give money for the building materials via the school’s Facebook page.

The boys would help build the new obstacles.

‘‘It will be much cooler than the little ramp we’ve got out there at the moment,’’ RJ said.

‘‘I think its really exciting that we get to have more of a challenge than just the little ramps out there,’’ Ashton said.