Voting numbers show small increase

A 9.8% increase in voting enrolments was recorded in the Southland electorate during this year’s general election but voting numbers grew by only 1.3%.

This is up compared with nationwide numbers where there was an increase of 3.9% in voting enrolments but voting numbers decreased by 0.38%.

In 2020, 45,936 people enrolled to vote in the electorate; that number increased to 50,419 for the 2023 election.

The Southland electorate includes Gore, Queenstown, Te Anau and Alexandra.

Electoral Commission deputy chief executive Anusha Guler said 94.7% of eligible voters in New Zealand were enrolled. This was the highest rate since 2008 when it was 95.3%.

‘‘We have ongoing enrolment campaigns to ensure everyone who is eligible enrols to vote.

‘‘In an election year we increase this activity and enrolments also increase,’’ Ms Guler said.

‘‘This year, we have again seen high levels of participation.

‘‘Turnout was down slightly on the last two elections but it was still strong. ’’

Enrolment for younger voters was up across New Zealand — 82.9% of eligible 18 to 29-yearolds were enrolled to vote, up from 80.7% in 2020.

In the Southland electorate, 82% of eligible 18 to 29-year-olds were enrolled to vote, up from 65.4% in 2020

‘‘We are pleased to see high levels of enrolment and participation in the election.

‘‘We are particularly pleased to see higher enrolment in younger age groups.

The younger people are when they start enrolling and voting, the more likely they are to be voters for life, which is important if we are to continue to have high participation rates in future elections.’’