After its 10th year, the Southland Steam Engine Club’s annual working weekend is ‘‘really gaining traction’’, club secretary Adele Sanderson says.

The event was held in Brydone on Saturday and Sunday and featured various displays and interactive activities.

The working weekend was the ‘‘best one yet’’, Mrs Sanderson said.

Piece of history . . . Adele Sanderson and her brother Quinton Scandrett, both of the Southland Steam Engine Club, with their Marshall Traction Engine which was once used as a road roller in Invercargill.

She and her brother Quinton Scandrett, who is the club’s president, owned one of the most popular attractions — a Marshall traction engine.

Mr Scandrett took attendees for rides on the 98-year-old vehicle, which was made in England and initially used as a road roller by Invercargill City Council.

After its final job working on Layard St in 1956, it was eventually converted into a traction engine by Stuart Ledington.

Mr Scandrett and his sister bought the engine in 2010 and spent thousands of hours over three years restoring it.

‘‘Now it’s just being preserved as a heritage item,’’ he said.

‘‘Most of the engines here have quite a history to them.

‘‘They’ve had a long working life. We’ve got some pretty old vintage cars out there as well.’’

Another popular attraction at the event was Grandma’s Kitchen.

‘‘In the boiler room we’ve got an old coal range set up and basically we’ve [been] cooking scones and pikelets and that sort of thing — just as your grandma would have back in the day in her house.’’

The old-fashioned way . . . Waiting for a tasty snack prepared by Christine Hoets at Grandma’s Kitchen are Ivy (3) and Baz Hoekstra (7) of Seaward Downs. PHOTO: MICHAEL CURREEN

The event was an opportunity to ‘‘share our heritage and keep the steam scene alive’’.

‘‘We educate people as much as we can and where we can we try to encourage new people to join the club as well.’’

Plenty of people came through the gate over the weekend.

All the money raised was being reinvested back into the club.

‘‘The money’s kept within the club basically to keep it going, keep the history alive and just allows us to put days like this on.’’