Great turnout . . . Crank Up convener Ken Bell said about 300 tractors and 50 trucks were on display. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO

Vintage machinery enthusiasts of all ages converged on Edendale at the weekend for what has been described as one of the biggest tractor festivals in the country.

The Edendale Vintage Machinery Club held its 35th annual Crank Up on Saturday, hosting several thousand attendees and more than 300 tractors on display.

Tracey Polischek, of Woodlands, has been attending the event since she moved to Southland 20 years ago.

‘‘It is not an event only for the rural community. It brings people from town to have these interactions and have fun with [these] machines and activities that we often have on farms.

‘‘It is also a great opportunity for many who live in farm areas to catch up with old friends.’’

The event was attended by different generations of families who shared a passion for vintage machinery.

Brendon Molloy said his grandfather used to work with a traction engine and he had been fascinated by it since his childhood.

Now he shared this passion with his son Aidan (12).

‘‘The love for tractors and vintage machines runs through the family and through different generations.’’

Earth shakers . . . Charles Harpur (5), of Invercargill, watches the Mack trucks on parade. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO
Long-time supporters . . . Enjoying Crank Up are Tracey and Glenn Polischek, of Woodlands, who have been going for about 20 years. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO

Spenser Highsted was amazed by the huge display of tractors in the event.

He said he would like to have one when he grew up — like his father David, who worked as a tractor driver.

Crank Up convener Ken Bell was pleased with the turnout and great weather.

Each year different brands of vehicles are celebrated, and this year it was 50 years of Mack trucks being assembled in New Zealand, 100 years of Kenworth and Chevrolet trucks, as well as the 120th anniversary of the International Harvester.

‘‘It started as a vintage machinery show, but it has grown to so much more than that — bringing the town to the rural,’’ Mr Bell said.

Day out . . . Bev and Errol Sherman, of Otatara, enjoyed the sunny day out. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO
Giant-sized . . . Amazed with the size of the combine harvester is Spenser Highsted (5), of Edendale. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO