Looking ahead . . . Newly appointed Southern Field Days Waimumu site caretaker Jack Cooper, committee chairman Steve Henderson and publicity officer Leonie Falconer are looking forward to running next year’s event. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A new chairman is at the helm of the Southern Field Days committee as it prepares for next year’s event.

Dairy farmer Steve Henderson, of Awarua, has taken over the role from Warren Ross, of Te Tipua.

The field days will be held from February 14-16 at the Waimumu site.

He was looking forward to working with the 22 committee members to run the event, Mr Henderson said.

‘‘They’re all like-minded and they’re all just generally good people.

‘‘All of them have got can-do attitudes and all of them are friendly faces.’’

Many of those on the committee were former Young Farmers Club members and were part of the agricultural sector.

They were also mainly volunteers and ran an event that supported the rural community.

He enjoyed the challenge of running the event and the problem solving opportunities which happened along the way.

‘‘To the committee it is not a problem at all — it just gets fixed.’’

After cancelling last year’s event, the committee was not planning anything special for next year.

‘‘This next field days will be back to the basics — nail it.’’

Leonie Falconer, of Waikaka, is the new publicity officer.

The field days were a great community event, she said.

‘‘It creates togetherness.

‘‘Everyone comes off farm, sees what’s happening.

‘‘You go to the field days to catch up with your neighbour because you get so in your bubble.’’

Each committee member had a set role.

‘‘Everyone pulls together to help out it and that just makes for a flawless execution.’’

Jack Cooper, of Gore, has taken up the caretaker’s position at the site.