Pup finds new best friend at dog sale

Happy buyer. . . Ross Hurrell of Waikaka Valley bought Beardie pup, Mei Anzac at the dog sale held during the Southern Indoor Charity Dog Trials at the Southen Field days site Waimumu on Saturday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Mei Anzac has a new home in the Waikaka Valley.
The 8-month old beardie pup from Whataroa was bought by Ross Hurrell at the dog sale held during the Southern Indoor Charity Dog Trials at the Southern Field Days Waimumu site last weekend.
He bought Mei Anzac to replace his 15-year-old beardie Tui, who had been an “outstanding” dog.
“They’re very clever dogs without being over the top.
“They’re more of a handy dog [and] they’re a most tremendous natured dog.”
Mr Hurrell said his wife Maria “twisted my arm” to buy the pup.
“I have 10 others [dogs] as it is without having this one.”
He paid $800 for the pup, which he said was “pretty cheap.”
“You can’t rear a pup and breed it for less than $400 and this dog is ready to do something with now.”
He was also impressed with the pup’s friendly nature.
Dogs were a big part of his life and they even went with him and his wife on holiday.
“If they’ re not your best mate then they’re not really anything in my book.
“They’ve got to work with you, rather than against you.”
Mr Hurrell is a life member of the Gore Sheep Dog Trial Club and has bred more than 1200 dogs.
The auction was organised by Southland Hazlett Livestock staff and auctioneer Nicol Gray said it went well.
“The good dogs sold well and it was very well supported.”
The Hazlett staff donated their time for the auction and all the commission from the sale went to Hospice Southland.
“We’re just rapt to be part of it,” Mr Gray said.
The highest price for a huntaway bred by Toby Twigg of Te Anau was $6700.
The highest price for a heading dog was $5500.
Mr Twigg and Brendon Daly of Clinton sold a dog each for this price.
Mr Daly said he had a lot of young dogs to train, which was why he sold 4-year-old Stan.
He was pleased with the price, which was the reserve he had set.