Seniors have wins in the pocket

Focused. . . The two oldest players taking part in the Gore and Districts Memorial RSA snooker tournament are Ernie MacManus (left) and Wattie Gee. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON
Eye on the ball . . . Gore and Districts Memorial RSA snooker player Murray Graves lines up a shot during the club’s Golden Oldies Snooker Tournament. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore and Districts Memorial RSA snooker player Wattie Gee did not listen to his mother’s advice about the sport.

Mr Gee (95), was the oldest player taking part in the RSA’s sixth annual Golden Oldies snooker tournament held earlier this month.

His mother who was a school teacher warned him to stay away from places where billiards and snooker were held, Mr Gee said.

A billiard hall was a ‘‘shady place with shady characters in them’’, she told him.

When he went to university there was a snooker table for the students and he began to play.

‘‘I found billiards was a good place to go when you had a spare moment.

‘‘I’ve enjoyed it ever since.’’

The tournament was organised by Ernie MacManus (93).

Players had to have a gold card to play at the tournament and were given bonus points depending what age they were, Mr MacManus said.

This year a record 24 players took part.

‘‘It’s getting better and better.’’

Usually between 18 and 21 took part.

The tournament had very good sponsorship and no-one went home without a prize.

‘‘Everyone was quite happy with all the prizes they got.’’