Result testament to working together to push for change

It is an honour and privilege to be representing the Southland electorate for another parliamentary term as your member of Parliament.

The people of Southland and Otago that make up the Southland electorate are known for their hard work and resilience.

The election result was testament to the strength of working together to push for change.

As we move from election to government, the real hard work is about to begin.

I will continue to work hard to advocate for my electorate and ensure its successes are celebrated.

Thanks must also go to our farmers, and all our primary producers, for their resilience during uncertain times.

I will continue to represent our rural folk to make sure that you are able to thrive and have the tools and opportunities needed to succeed.

Governing is a team effort, particularly with MMP and coalitions.

National is ready to work with all New Zealanders to tackle the pressing issues our country is facing.

From rebuilding the economy, encouraging work and rewarding effort, better healthcare targets and education outcomes, bringing back law and order

— we have a pragmatic, practical and forwardthinking plan to make certain New Zealand is full of opportunities for all.

The people of Southland and Otago have chosen to once again trust myself and National as their government, and we will honour that trust by working tirelessly to build a better future for everyone.

Even if you did not vote for me, I am here to represent you and will continue to be open, accountable and available to hear your concerns and your dreams for you and your community.

Representing the Southland electorate has been an exceptional journey thus far.

As we look to the future, together we can overcome obstacles and materialise the many opportunities that are on offer for our region.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you over the next three years.