Te Taiao gets cadets outside

From the Runanga to our hapori (community), happy new year for 2023.

We hope that you and your whanau have welcomed in the new year with your loved ones and that your year has started off with a blast.

In the Runanga at the moment, we are so lucky to have four tauira (cadets) on site for our summer programme that was mentioned last year before the long break.

If you cannot remember, let me give you a quick recap.

In the Te Taiao programme, the tauira will be seed collecting, elver trapping and transferring, kakahi (freshwater mussels) monitoring and water quality testing.

We have been so fortunate to have them on board continuing all the amazing mahi that has been happening in and around our rohe (area).

I have had the privilege of talking with two of the tauira about the programme and they shared some of their thoughts about the things they are enjoying, what they hoped to gain and what made them decide to apply for the job.

Mikey Little (21), of Dunedin, said he ‘‘really enjoyed the different tasks that I was able to participate in and that all the tasks I was part of were different’’.

‘‘I wish to expand my skill set that I’ve gained from my university degree [marine science and ecology], and I loved that I was able to gain on-the-job work experience in my preferred area.’’

Overall, he felt that the programme had more than met his expectations and he was enjoying his time in this role.

Mya Tutty (16), of Gore, said she ‘‘enjoyed the opportunity of being out in Te Taiao doing new and different tasks’’.

She said that being in a job that was outdoors brought new opportunities and allowed her to gain skills, which was a huge bonus.

However, both tauira said that being able to make some extra putea (money) was definitely an added incentive.

All tauira will be around until kura (school) or te whare wananga (university) starts, so we look forward to having them out and about in our rohe doing Te Taiao mahi.