Son restoring father’s car

Restoration ... Craig Hamilton has been hard at work to restore his 1969 Plymouth Road Runner.

Craig Hamilton’s 1969 Plymouth Road Runner has seen better days, but it is slowly returning to its former glory.

His father owned the vehicle, which had laid dormant for over 10 years.

When his father died in 2019, the car became his.

‘‘I’ve already been looking for parts and I’ve even found some already,’’ Mr Hamilton said.

Because the car was so old, it had been hard to find the parts.

‘‘It was something he [his father] planned to do but never got round to it.

‘‘It needs a good paint job, new tyres, a new bumper — but other than that, she’s not bad.’’

Fortunately, he had not had any issues finding parts so far.

Mr Hamilton spent much of his free time working on the car.

‘‘I enjoy it, it’s something to pass the time.’’

He could not wait until the day it was back on the road, he said.

‘‘It’ll probably take some time but it will happen one day.’’

He could not just let it sit in storage, he said.

That car held special significance to Mr Hamilton because it was his father’s.

That was part of the reason he decided to restore it, he said.

The car got the ‘‘Road Runner’’ name from a cartoon character, he said.

‘‘I find that funny but fitting, because they’re fast when they get going.’’

They could reach a speed of up to 195kmh.
About 45,000 Road Runners were produced in 1968, the first year of production.