Community involvement key to success

Active Southland has just wrapped up two of its biggest events on the calendar — the 2023 MLT Moonshine Trail and 2023 More FM Surf to City.

In total, these events required about 60 Active Southland staff and volunteers from the community.

Active Southland would like to thank everyone who helped make these events possible — without you these wouldn’t run as smoothly as they did.

From the marshals to councils, food vendors to time keepers, traffic management to local businesses, your support for these events does not go unnoticed.

The turnout from the community was amazing for our Active Southland events, but I would like to bring your attention to grassroots events coming up within our local schools (athletics and cross country) and/or local sporting clubs (open days/registration days).

Please don’t forget to offer assistance to your children’s school or local sports clubs to ensure that their events run smoothly too.

This could be in the form of volunteering to be a timekeeper for the running races, or measuring the jumps and throws, leading a group of young ones between their events, offering to referee or manage a group, running the barbecue or first aid tent, or even heading into school or the club during training time if you have a specific skills or passion in these events.

Over the past three years, it has been hard to connect school and clubs with whanau and community as we were living in the shadow of covid and the risks it could bring, but now that restrictions have lifted, it’s time to rekindle this connection between school, clubs, community, and whanau.

Tamariki thrive in their learning environment when they see their whanau involved with their school, so don’t be afraid to contact your children’s school or club and discuss with them your hidden talents, skill set, or your simply passion for seeing tamariki enjoying their school or sport.