Gore lifts game in big win

Ball at foot. . . Gore Wanderers wing Brayden Gardyne dribbles the ball down his side of the field as a Waihopai player challenges him for the ball in a Southland Football division two game at Gore’s Hyde Park on Saturday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore Wanderers outclassed Waihopai to win 8-2 on Saturday.
The Southland Football division two game was played at Hyde Park in Gore.
Coach Barry Hamlin said it was the team’s best performance so far this season.

The players improved as the match went on, Hamlin said.
‘‘They started passing the ball around to players’ feet instead of just kicking it away in that second half.
 ‘‘We were keeping the ball off the opposition.’’

Improving their passing game was something players had been working on.

‘‘They were stringing six or seven passes together so I thought that was an improvement on what we’ve been doing so far this year.’’

The backline played well and even joined the attack at times.

‘‘I think they scored three of our eight goals.’’

The team was unbeaten so far in the competition but so were three other teams.

‘‘We’ve had two draws and two wins.

‘‘I think we’re sitting third at the moment on the table.’’