Team effort . . . The Hakosia social football team that won the Balclutha Football Clubs weekend tournament recently is (back row, from left) Rishaal Goundar, Rithvi Goundar, Richard Chand, (front row, from left) JB Matang, Edward Chand and Chethiya Madawla. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Gore’s Hakosia social football team has won the Balclutha Football Club’s weekend tournament.

The team went through the five-aside tournament undefeated and conceded one goal.

In 2020 the team won the Wyndham summer league competition.

Team spokesman Richard Chand said key to the team’s success was the relationship between the players.

‘‘When you are playing with friends and family it just becomes a different ball game — you always support each other.’’

In winter team members played for the Gore Wanderers Football Club so were used to playing together. The team had one reserve unlike the other teams who had plenty of spares.

‘‘We never gave up.’’

The team was runner up last year to the team it beat in the final this year.

The players were very keen on their football and played all year round, Mr Chand said.

The team was named after a village in Fiji where some of the players were from.