Make some time and space for a happy place

It just so happens I have been thinking about happy places lately.

I was thinking about the jobs I had to do in the garden and suddenly a curious idea struck me: the garden is a happy place for me.

So as I have been pottering around transplanting onions and other tasks, probably for the first time in my life, I have been thinking about happy places.

I have come to several conclusions.

A happy place for me is an activity where I come away feeling satisfied with my efforts and possibly even invigorated.

A happy place could be described as ‘‘me time’’ but sometimes it might involve spending time with someone you value, sharing a meal, kicking a ball around with friends, or helping with a challenging task like putting insulation under a house.

I think we need to plan to include happy places in our week.

It might start with the question ‘‘what am I going to make time for this week which will enrich my life?’’

It is a bit hit and miss sometimes whether I get into the garden but if it is a happy place for me, then I need to be scheduling it into my timetable.

We may also need to make a list of happy places so we can select one that is appropriate for the time we have available or the mood we are in.

I have realised the garden is one of my many happy places.

I do not like processed food and sometimes a happy place involves experimenting with ingredients to make food with no preservatives or artificial flavourings.

A couple of months ago my nieces were travelling around Europe and regularly posting photographs of the ice cream they were eating.

I said to Winnie, my furry purry girl, ‘‘I wonder if we could make some of that?’’

And with a little experimentation we did.

It’s delicious and very healthy.

Not only is it satisfying to make but it is very satisfying to eat.

Life can be hard, repetitive and energy-sapping but I think one way to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, may be to intentionally add into our timetables a happy place or two or three.