Tense, frantic film great for any action movie fan

Just like Ethan Hunt the Mission Impossible franchise refuses to die and for me this could not be better news.

Mission Impossible has returned with its seventh installment in the franchise, Dead- Reckoning.

It brings back all the crazy stunts, gadgets and action you may expect from one of these films.

The film breaks down into the idea of humans versus artificial intelligence (AI).

It’s extremely tense, frantic and it’s action packed with real genuine peril.

No character is safe and it moves at break-neck speed but never overwhelms you with information.

The Entity, which is the AI antagonist of the film only helps to add to this feeling.

For a character without a face or body, The Entity manages to be a genuine threat.

However, it is not entirely faceless, it employs the help of Gabriel (Esai Morales) to complete its bidding.

Gabriel is a ghost from Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) past whom was responsible for killing a woman named Marie that Ethan was involved with.

Familiar characters of the franchise return such as Benji (Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames).

But the introduction of new characters Grace (Hayley Atwell) and Paris (Pom Klementieff) make for entertaining and fun additions.

Grace is especially interesting.

A thief who starts the film fighting the same battle as Ethan but from the opposite side.

She is eventually turned to fight Ethan’s battle to collect the two halves of the key that turn The Entity off.

She is the fish out of water as she quickly realises that the situation is far crazier than expected and that she can not keep up with Ethan the international super-spy.

If you enjoy action films then I would recommend giving this a view.

Sadly, this is part one of a two part film, so you will have to wait for the story’s conclusion which is scheduled to release in 2024.