Magnificent scenery and shenanigans in spades

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is set about 25 years after the first movie of the series, in which Toula Portokalos broke the mould and married Ian, a non-Greek.
In the meantime the couple have had a daughter, Paris, who is at college, Toula’s father Gus has died and her mother is in the early stages of dementia.
Toula, Ian, Paris, plus a few aunties travel together to attend a family reunion on the island where Gus grew up.
As one would expect, there are catastrophes and shenanigans in the lead-up to the reunion.
The movie is set on the island of Corfu and the scenery is magnificent.
Nia Vardalos, who plays Toula, wrote and directed the movie.
I am always a little nervous about watching a movie that highlights the idiosyncrasies of another culture, especially when stereotypes are involved.
The fact Vardalos has a Greek background put my mind at ease.
There are a few surprises and twists and turns which means the storyline is not too predictable.
It is a lighthearted sort of movie that probably will not achieve the critical acclaim the first movie did.
However, it is entertaining enough and a good way to chill out after a hard week.